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The aim of this program is to provide introductory training / retraining in Solidworks for those participants working or intending to work in the following industries:

Design - Engineering - Drafting - Consumer Products - Medical Devices - Manufacturing - and associated industries

The participant will be guided through the creation of a series of graded part models, assembly models and drawings. At the end of the program, the participant is invited to attempt a multiple choice test.

Participants should be familiar with basic Windows 7 / 8 / 10 tasks such as saving and moving files, etc. No experience of Solidworks is required.

Upon successful completion of the course assignment, the participant is eligible for the award of ‘Certificate of Attendance’. The candidate will also have completed a portfolio which may be used as the basis for further work.

The course is of two days’ duration and the cost is €495, inclusive of instruction, course materials, assignments and administration.

The course will be held at various locations in Dublin and throughout Ireland depending upon demand.

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